Aerial Shoot Ltd

Aerial Shoot Ltd is a professional, UK based full-service aerial production company that utilizes smart-drone technology to capture stunning videos and photo images. Whether you are selling commercial or luxury real estate, producing a movie, or shooting a television commercial - Aerial Shoot has the expertise and the artistry to lift your projects .

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Estate Agents

Property professionals are starting to grasp the benefits of using UAV drones to film or photograph property. Certainly with large countryside residences, commercial premises, retail parks and leisure outlets where the operation of drones is less restricted in the congested urban locations, Drones are an ideal tool to film and photograph with.

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Using drones for crop surveillance can drastically increase farm crop yields while minimizing the cost of walking the fields or airplane fly-over filming. Using precision vision crop health Imaging system, you can view composite video showing the health of your crops.

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Drones also have the unique ability to fly to where it is difficult for individuals to get. This means that they can greatly increase the ease with which you evaluate your job sites for safety and structural consistency. Drones can get the lay of the land on a road construction project within minutes, and with the right programs, they can evaluate with a high amount of detail.

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